Tastiest variety of starwberry

Asked March 17, 2018, 3:51 PM EDT

In France the berriers are small longer and sweeter. What is is the tastiest here in Oregon?

Washington County Oregon strawberries

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Thank you for your question. I wonder if the berry you had in France was a Fraises Gariguette, "an old and much-loved French variety that produces sweet and aromatic fruits early in the season. Grow in full sun for the greatest depth of flavor"? Unfortunately, "tastiest" is a description that is personal taste, but you can peruse the varieties available in the Willamette Valley in this OSU Extension publication (pages 4 to 6), to see if any of these fit the bill for you. "Charm" looks much like Fraises Gariguette, but looks can be deceptive with berries. Good luck!