Patchy Lawn - Help a new homeowner

Asked March 17, 2018, 12:56 PM EDT

I recently bought a house in Sullivan County, Tennessee and the lawn is particularly patchy. Being a typical millennial, I do not have a clue as to how to fix this. Is it a simple matter of needing to use a "weed and feed" on the lawn or is it something a little more complex. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Sullivan County Tennessee

1 Response

Even though the lawn is a little patchy, the existing grass has a nice green color and looks good. There are some typical broadleaf weeds, but could not tell if they are annual or perennial weeds. The patchy areas could also be due to soil compaction. An application of a post-emergence, broadleaf herbicide can be applied directly to the weedy areas. These herbicides will not hurt lawn grass and will take about one week before the weeds start to die. Even though it is late in the year to sow cool-season, lawn grass seed, you could still overseed as long as the new emerging grass seedlings are irrigated during the hotter, summer months. Irrigation will help to new grass to develop deeper roots and survive the hot and dry summer months. Before sowing any grass seed, it would probably be helpful to loosen some of the soil compaction with a small shovel. Don't dig up the soil, but insect the shovel blade into the patchy areas several times before seeding. Overall, the lawn looks pretty good.