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Asked March 16, 2018, 5:12 PM EDT

How do I find what is needed in my garden soil

Jackson County Oregon soil testing horticulture

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Unfortunately, there is no inexpensive soil testing available in Jackson County at this time. If you are a home gardener, you can get some basic information from an inexpensive soil testing kit, available at most nursery supply and garden stores. This kit will give you the pH (acid or alkaline nature of your soil), and the presence or absence of the basic nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. What the kit won't tell you is how much of these nutrients should be added, if any, to the soil. Most kits will enable you to test various parts of the garden.
A lot of garden chemistry relates to the kind of soils you have. You did not specify whether your soil is heavy clay, "black sticky" clay, floodplain soil, decomposed granite, red clay cobble, etc. Jackson County consists of multiple types of soil. Most are slightly acidic; in fact, there are few places where alkaline soils exists in Jackson County.If your property has plantings that are doing well, you can take a clue from what is growing and plan your garden around those types of plants. More information about your plans to garden and the area where your garden is located would be helpful to us in helping you!Thank you for using Ask an Expert.