Asparagus - Urgent!

Asked March 16, 2018, 11:26 AM EDT

I'm planning on planting asparagus roots/seedling this afternoon in my soil that is PH level 7. I have some compost matter on top (shredded green and brown grass, some tree bark, shredded leaves from my compost bin). The box is 4 foot by 4 foot. I have Holly Tone. How much Holly Tone should I put? How do I do this?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Here is our page on growing Asparagus:

Be careful working the ground right now. If the soil is too wet, it can hurt the soil structure for quite a while. You can check by digging up some soil. Take a handful and squeeze it into kind of a ball shape, then bounce it in the palm of your hand or try to crumble it. If it breaks apart or crumbles, you are o.k. to dig. If not, wait. We are expecting some pretty cold weather and it is still a bit early. Keep the roots moist, as it directs in the link above, and wait a week or two.


Thanks! I formed the ball, and bounced it up and down a couple times, and it formed a middle crack, then it crumbled. It seemed a bit stiff. Not sure if that means to wait?


Yes, it probably would be best to wait a little longer until the soil is warmer/drier.