Lantern flies in Dundalk?

Asked March 16, 2018, 8:49 AM EDT

Last fall I saw what I thought were seed pods attached to the bushes in my front yard at my home in Dundalk. I also saw at least two attached to the vinyl railings of my front porch. I pulled those off and threw them away in the trash. The pods were firmly attached and I had to pull hard to remove them. Do you think these are lanternfllies that are being reported in the Sunpapers? Should I cut them off the bushes and poison the pods as reported? Spray the bushes with some chemical? I do think the bushes have less greenery on them now as in the past. Thank you! Bruce

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

Thank you for being on the lookout for the invasive spotted lanternfly! What you have there are actually egg cases of bagworms. Conifers, especially arborvitae, cedar, juniper, and pine are the most frequently damaged by these insect pests, but they also can be found on other ornamental plants. Now is a good time of year to cut off and discard these "bags". They contain the overwintering eggs of the insect, which emerges in late spring. There is good information about bagworms -- and what to do about them -- on the following page of our website:

In addition, here is more information about the spotted lanternfly and what to look for.
This Pest Alert has good photos showing what the insect looks like, from eggs to adults.