no answer for soil acidity

Asked March 15, 2018, 6:34 PM EDT

univ. GA an local dealer unable to answer. My soil or compost pile is 5.5 .All macro nutrients are well above the need line .report rec. using lime but that would give cal. mag. and put these elements off the chart. also they rec. using but to use 34-0-0 would push 5.5 to 5 or more ph I need a 6.5 ph for tomatoes. Unable to find any help

Monroe County Georgia

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Most compost is closer to a 6.5 or 7 pH when it is fully composted. I’m curious what materials you are composting and how long it has composted? This may be the reason why your pH is low. Ultimately, adding limestone will be the best option for raising your soil pH according to the soil test. High calcium or magnesium levels will not have any effect on your tomatoes, which actually need these nutrients to avoid blossom end rot. Some acid loving crops such as blueberries would not do well with these higher levels. However, most vegetables will be fine. The soil test nitrogen recommendation with 34-0-0 is standard for vegetable gardens and is usually necessary when using compost, since the average nitrogen level is less than 1% in composted materials. Regards,