Fertilizer Distribution? Newbe needs help!

Asked March 15, 2018, 3:06 PM EDT

Hi! I had my soil tested and got the results. Very exciting! The report has a N-P-K recommendation of organic 1-0-1 @ 12 lb/100 sq feet. Hummmmmmm. I tried using the Google to figure out how much to buy for my 16x16 plot. No joy. Can someone clearly explain the calculations for this? Also, the report does not mention how thick the fertilizer should be, or if I should mix it in or lay it on top.


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Here is how to figure your fertilizer amount based on what you have stated:

Step 1) figure your square feet: 16 X16 = 256 square feet

Your results say to apply 12 lbs of 1-0-1 per 100 square feet so,

Step 2) 256/100= 2.56 means you have 2.56 times the 100sq ft recommendation.

Step 3) 2.56 X 12 lbs of fertilizer = 30.72 total pounds of fertilizer is needed to spread over your 16X16 ft area.

How you apply this depends on what you are growing- lawn, existing perennial garden or bare soil for veggies or other plants? Lawns are fertilized by spreading an even layer with a spreader or broadcasting device, but you never put down more than 1lb nitrogen per 1000sq ft at a time. Perennials are fertilized by distributing fertilizer evenly around each plant’s root zone, avoiding the crowns of the plants. For bare soil, evenly spread the fertilize over the whole area, then work it into the top 4-6 inches of soil. Then plant the seeds or transplants. Sometimes it is a good idea to apply 1/2the recommended amount in spring, and then side dress the growing plants with the other 1/2 in early summer.

If you would reply back with your garden details or your soil test Code, I can help you more.

I am including some garden links for your reference. These are handy to keep for next year or later this growing season. I’m glad to hear you are excited about your garden; it is a wonderful endeavor!

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