Tree that doesn't host Box Elder Beetles

Asked March 15, 2018, 2:49 PM EDT

Need to replace Maple tree that was hosting Box Elder Beetles. Don't want the beetles. What species of trees are attractive to look at but don't attract Box Elder Beetles?

Marion County Oregon

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Thanks for your question about Box elder bugs. The trees that they are most attracted to are, not surprisingly, box elders (Acer negundo, a type of maple); specifically the seeds the female trees produce. They may also be attracted to other maples, and ashes. That leaves a pretty wide field of potential trees to grow. I can't recommend specific trees without knowing more about your site and needs. Things to consider are - how much space do you have for the tree, both vertical and horizontal; how much sun will it get; will you irrigate it; what is the soil and drainage like. Determining these site characteristics will help you choose a good tree for your site. Also consider do you want a flowering tree? Fall color? Fruit?
Here are links to more info on box elder bugs: