West side of house

Asked March 15, 2018, 12:34 PM EDT

The West Side of my home is about 10-15 feet wide and has a river birch (20years old) with hasta around the base. There are Amur maples on the side of the house I keep short. There is some sun, but shade rules the area. I can’t keep grass healthy there. Just had a thought about clover. To make matters worse we have a dog going in and out of the house in that area and what little grass I had is now mud. Looking for a solution. Don’t want a sidewalk but that may be the only answer. Hope you may have an idea. Thanks Nancy Kuehn

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Find some shade tolerant ground covers here:

Information here may also be useful:

Some homeowners deal with the circumstances you have described by maintaining a permanent mulch in the problem area.

Clover will not tolerate shade in the long run.