Cambistat use

Asked March 15, 2018, 11:09 AM EDT

I am concerned about the safety, short term & long term wisdom of using Cambistat on my mature northern pin oak tree. The trunk is approximately 24" D. It is about 60' tall & is located on a residential property & approximately 15' from a blacktop residential street. The area within the drip line is planted with hostas, lilies, iris, woods geraniums & solomons seals. The entire area is mulched with western red cedar chips. We have had some branch die back & this will be trimmed out this winter.I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Dakota County Minnesota plant growth regulators cambistat

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We presume Cambistat application has been recommended to slow the tree's growth and reduce the extent and frequency of pruning. If so, go to the following bulletin for reliable information about this product, its uses and effects on plant growth.

According to the bulletin, the product isn't likely to affect plants growing within the drip line much beyond the point of application.