Flukes in beef liver

Asked March 15, 2018, 5:06 AM EDT

Is it harmful to humans if infected liver is consumed

Outside United States

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The Oregon State University Extension Service has a good link that has the answer (below);


The answer provided there indicates:

"The flukes will not affect the safety of the beef from affected animals. If the infection was severe the animals may be unthrifty and thin which could have an effect on beef quality by lowering the fat and marbling of the meat."

Charles Estill
Associate Professor clinical Sciences and Extension Veterinarian

Additionally, the Missoury Department of Conserevation indicates that "The meat of infected animals can be eaten, but infected livers are unappetizing. Infected livers should be discarded."

Their website link is below:


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I feel My question was not answered......” is it harmful to humans to consume a liver infected with fluke?

Yes the infected liver is safe to eat assuming proper cooking temperatures were followed, but the liver will be unappetizing as stated in the previous response. I would suggest not eating the infected liver.