Evergreen trees pollen

Asked March 15, 2018, 12:17 AM EDT

Are evergreen trees in Portland/Vancouver area dropping pollen right now? There are some spring in the Juneau, Alaska area when the pollen comes off the trees in visible waves like fog. It floats on the waterways. Have a relative in Portland/Vancouver area suffering form spring airborne pollen and I wondered if that could be a big source.

Juneau Alaska

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Thank you for your question. Yes; our conifers start producing pollen as early as January, and often into May, in the Portland-Vancouver area. This article by an Oregon Forester explains the problem. Juniper, birch and alder are the current 'top producers.' Your relative can check the daily pollen index, and prognostication for the next few days at this website. S/he can search for the pollen count, using a zip code, at this website. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!