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Asked March 14, 2018, 7:45 PM EDT

We just moved into our home in February. We are located on a hill above Sequim The grass, stones, driveway are all covered in thick moss. We do not have large trees shading the area. But the sprinklers had been going all winter as the owner had moved and probably didn't realize this was happening. We had the roof swept and baking soda applied, and are treating the driveway with Wet It and Leave It. The question is how to treat the grass. My husband thinks hiring the gardener to dethatch the grass now is the answer. Thoughts?

Clallam County Washington lawn care moss in lawn

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Moss in lawns is usually a result of a drainage issue, just as you suspected. If the sprinklers were left on this could of resulted in the increase of moss. Aeration will improve drainage and letting the soil dry out will help. Being in Sequim...getting everything to dry out may be problematic. If you dethatch you are looking at then having to overseed and top-dress your lawn. Just performing a vigerous raking may accomplish what you are looking for. You can also soil test and make sure the pH is properly balanced for lawn growth and not perfect for moss growth. It sounds like addressing the water issue will help rectify the moss attack. If you want a more aggressive approach then raking you can also apply one of these pesticides. Always follow label directions.

  • Lilly Miller Moss-Out! For Lawns
    Active ingredient: ferrous sulfate | EPA reg no: 802-509
  • Scotts Turf Builder with Moss Control 22-2-2
    Active ingredient: ferrous sulfate monohydrate | EPA reg no: 538-223

I have listed below two additional resources. Hope this helps!

Thank you. We will start with raking, soil testing and applying a fertilizer!