Mexican gardening

Asked March 13, 2018, 12:24 PM EDT

We retired five years ago. During the winter we live in Baja Mexico. Our home is right on the Tropic of Cancer. Winter gardening is fun. Good tempatures help but we identified some challenges. Constant high winds, shortened day light, sandy soil and new garden pest that create new problems. Corn is my main concern. We amend the soil with compost from the mango co-op but that is are only additive. Next year we will wait until Jan. 15 to plant instead of the middle of Nov. My.main problem is our corn ears are stunted. Some have nice kernels but the corn length is maybe half of what we had the first year. Some of ears pollen ate but don’t developed. Send me an email address and I can send a picture. Thanks Bob Welch

Outside United States

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Thanks for your question, Bob. You'd think since corn (maize) is a native plant that it would be easy to grow in Mexico! My email address is, so you can send pictures. I'll see if I can find some information on gardening on the Tropic of Cancer. Typically, stunted ears are indicative of a lack of water, and if your soil is sandy, it doesn't hold water (and nutrients) as well as does clay. Look forward to photos!