New turf installed last year/mosss

Asked March 12, 2018, 10:54 PM EDT

We installed turf last summer and coming out of the winter now are seeing Mas in areas around our yard. We live in Seattle and I'm wondering what the best method is to remove the mass and make sure we are treating the yard with the appropriate nutrients?

King County Washington moss in lawn

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Without knowing the site conditions (i.e., soil conditions, whether the area is shaded or not), it's very difficult to recommend a course of action. If you're able to upload a picture of the area in question, that would be very helpful. In addition, fertilizer recommendations are usually based upon the type of turf one is managing, so a note indicating the type of turf would be most helpful.

With that said, I'm attaching a link from the Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbook that should provide you with some general suggestions for managing moss. Here is that link:

Most importantly, you want to create an environment where the turf can "out compete" the moss. This will vary from site to site, but primarily we want to avoid saturated soils and low levels of sunlight. Aerifying your turfgrass stand can help with moisture movement and, planting an appropriate turfgrass type can help if a site has low, light levels. It's often easiest, depending on the size of the area, to remove the moss by hand.

In regards to soil nutrients, it's best to have your soil tested to evaluate potential nutrient deficiencies.

I do hope this helps!