Bloom dates for Lilac bushes, Eastern Shore, Somerset / Wicomico

Asked March 12, 2018, 9:56 PM EDT

Hi, I wonder when Lilac bushes bloom on the Eastern Shore near Salisbury & Princess Anne, and how to rid them of bugs. I'm planning a trip to take harvested branches with flowers to New England Florists. A. When? I've read: " Last 2 weeks in May " ( which sounds late, except for certain varieties ) and " Late and Early-blooming varieties span a 6 week period. " My recollection is more like first 2 weeks in May, and maybe last week in April.. B. How best to get rid of unsightly bugs (and their eggs/larvae) on cut branches / flowers? Perhaps spray with an herbal solution ? But, the Lilac perfume shouldn't be disrupted. I've heard of placing branches / blooms in boxes & blowing in CO2 - -? Or submerging them in water for a minute or so, but some bugs would probably survive. Perhaps hand-picking is the only way, but finding all of them would be a challenge. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Somerset County Maryland

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We do not have exact timing of lilac bloom in the area. Bloom can vary from year to year depending upon site conditions and the environment. A general time frame is May.

Controls cannot be recommended unless the pest is identified and you know what you are spraying for. Some possible insects pests on lilacs are scale insects (white prunicola scale) and lilac borers

You can send us photos of the branches and along the trunk so we can see if there may be some possible insect pests.