What Bug Is This?

Asked March 12, 2018, 9:38 PM EDT

These guys were found on my ceiling in one room. They have wings, (a bit hard to see here) and flew an inch or two off the ceiling and then back up to ceiling just hanging out. I saw them (about 6 or 7)for about four days after we had intense rain and high winds.
The photo when you open will maybe need to enlarge.

Thank you
Leona Galal

Spotsylvania County Virginia

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Hopefully one of our entymologists might weigh in with more specific/official answer.

The picture quality limits the precision of ID. If you can get a more close-up picture, that might help.

But, given the length of the antennae, I suspect something from the longhorned beetle family


Go to : https://bugguide.net/node/view/171
and have a look around.

Lots of flying insects emerging this time of year.

At first I was thinking that it had a "pointy tail", but I see that this is possibly the leg on the back side, so really body length, leg length, and antennae length is about all we have to go on.

If they aren't bothering you, I suspect they will just go about their business and be gone in the next couple of weeks. Just vacuum them up in the meantime if they are bothering. I don't think you need to worry of any infestation.

This is one of the Ichneumon Wasps They are parasites of other insects and harmless to humans. The projection at the end of the body is its egg laying ovipositor that is uses to sting insects. These wasps are considered beneficial as they help control other insects. They come inside on firewood and are attracted to house lights at night. See:

Thank you!
I appreciate you both taking time to help me