This is my granddaughters first year in 4-H and we need instructions on the...

Asked March 12, 2018, 9:08 PM EDT

This is my granddaughters first year in 4-H and we need instructions on the market rabbit project for the Holmes County Fair August 6-11, 2018

Holmes County Ohio

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If you have not already done so, please be sure to get in touch with a 4-H club in the Holmes County area. The list of 4-H clubs can be found here

After touching base with a club and enrolling in your projects, your advisors can be a great asset to reach out to with questions or you can look in the Holmes County Fair Book.

As I am not sure exactly what your question is here are some quick bullet points on Market Rabbit projects taken in Holmes County.


1. All project members and exhibitors must follow all Holmes County Jr. Fair General Rules and conform to Livestock Exhibit Health Requirements listed previously in this fair book. Rabbits are not required to have health papers. All rabbits, including pet projects, MUST be permanently tattooed in the left ear for identification purposes. All tattooing must be done prior to coming onto the fairgrounds. No sick animals will be admitted or allowed to remain on the fairgrounds. The Fair Veterinarian shall have unquestioned authority to dismiss and/or treat any animal not cared for by the exhibitor or his/her representative. All rabbits are expected to be provided with food, water, and clean bedding on a regular basis.

2. All livestock to be exhibited must be entered on an entry form, which is July 1, or no space will be available for your animal(s) at the fair. Forms are available on the Extension Office website.

A. 2018 FAIR ENTRIES PROCEDURE: Fair Entry Forms (for pen assignments) will be accepted using the following website:

B. Market livestock exhibitors must also submit a photo which includes the exhibitor and the animal, which will be used for Buyer cards. The pictures are to be landscape orientation and sent to no later than July 30.

C. All exhibitors MUST have met their individual 4-H club or organization’s rules and guidelines in order to show and/or sell at the fair.

3. Member must attend a pre-evaluation or project-specific evaluation event to be eligible to exhibit at the Junior Fair. 4-H member project grades will be determined by an interview evaluation (Skill-a-thon), covering project book subject matter and basic 4-H/FFA knowledge. If members are unable to attend project-specific county evaluations, they must attend one of two-pre-evaluation events, scheduled prior to the project-specific evaluations. Members who do are not judged at pre evaluation are not eligible for Outstanding Market Livestock Awards.

4. All Livestock exhibits must display a completed Member/Animal Identification Card provided by the Holmes County Fair.

5. The Holmes County Jr. Fair Rabbit Committee has adopted the standards established by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association in an attempt to maintain a standard consistent with those being instituted at Ohio State level. Note: Animals not meeting breed standards will NOT be disqualified, they will be down-placed.

6. Breeding Rabbit Project: An exhibitor MUST be enrolled in the Breeding Rabbit project in order to take a rabbit to the fair for entry into the regular All Breed Show. Taking this project does not mean that you must breed your rabbit! All breeding project animals must be in the possession of the exhibitor by June 1. Breed classes will be divided into four or six classes according to age and sex. (Sr. Buck, Sr. Doe, Inter. Buck, Inter. Doe, Jr. Buck, Jr. Doe). These classes may be joined at the judge’s discretion. All exhibitors may enter no more than one rabbit in each class, except where required in the herd class. The herd class will consist of 1 Sr. Buck, 1 Sr. Doe, and 2 of their Junior or Intermediate aged offspring (also must all be the same breed). It is recommended that any rabbit in breed classes be at least 4 1/4 months of age at the time of the show.

7. Market or Fryer Projects: (Pen of Three Fryers and Single Fryer) An exhibitor MUST be enrolled in the Market Rabbit Project in order to take a Pen of Three Fryers and /or a Single Fryer to the fair.

A. Pen of Three Fryers:

i. A pen of three fryers must consist of three rabbits.

ii. All must be of the same breed and variety (3 Brokens or 3 Solids).

iii. A pen of three fryers does not necessarily have to come from the same litter.

iv. A pen of three fryers may be bred and raised by the exhibitor, or they may be purchased from a breeder.

v. Age limit for a fryer is ten weeks, and does MUST NOT be bred earlier than 100 days before the show.

vi. If a pen of fryers is purchased from a breeder, you MUST be in possession of the fryer animals by the mandatory tattooing date, and the breeder MUST have followed the breeding date guideline listed in section v above.

vii. Mandatory identification of the Pen of Three Fryers (by permanent tattooing) MUST be done on July 14, 2018, 8:00-10:00 AM at the Holmes County Fairgrounds.

viii. Exhibitors may bring up to 6 fryer rabbits to be tattooed. Ownership of each rabbit will be connected to a single exhibitor. There will be no “family” ownership.

ix. There will be a special award given at the show to the highest placing Fryer Pen that was bred and raised by the exhibitor. In order to qualify for this award, you must bring one of the production does with you to mandatory tattooing.

x. All pens of three fryer exhibits WILL be sold in the Market Livestock Sale. Due to the requirements of the Market Livestock Sale Committee, the following guidelines will be followed for the weigh-in process.

a. The pen of three fryer projects will be officially weighed in from NOON-2 PM on the Sunday before the fair.

b. You may only weigh in 3 rabbits total, and they will only be weighed one time. (We advise that you weigh them & choose your pen at home prior to coming onto the fairgrounds.)

c. In order to check each market rabbit into the fair, each animal must weigh 2.5 lbs (2 lbs. 8 oz.) or more. Any animals who do not meet this requirement will be sent home.

d. Minimum weight is 3.5 pounds per animal and maximum weight is 5.5 pounds per animal. If these weight requirements are not met (i.e. 2.5 lbs – 3.49 lbs or over 5.5 lbs.), the exhibit will automatically be entered in the Over/Under Weight Class and will not compete for placing.

e. Grand & Reserve Market Fryers are terminal.

B. Single Fryer:

i. Single fryer MUST be on the penning assignment form in order to show in this class at fair.

ii. A single fryer must meet the same age and weight requirements as the pen of three fryers listed above. You may enter only 1 rabbit in the single fryer class. It can be either a buck or a doe. You may choose to use 1 rabbit from your pen of three fryers entry or you may bring a different one.

iii. A single fryer will NOT be sold in the Market Livestock Sale unless the animal is a member of your pen of three fryers entry.

iv. All entries in the single fryer class must have a permanent, legible tattoo.

8. Pet Rabbit Project: An exhibitor MUST be enrolled in the pet rabbit project to enter their rabbit in the pet rabbit show. This project is meant for exhibitors who want to house train their pet and have it be an active member of the household. It is also for those exhibitors who have a mixed breed rabbit. All exhibitors enrolled in this project are encouraged to exhibit their animal at the fair. These animals will be judged in the Pet Rabbit Show ONLY. They will NOT be permitted entry into the regular All Breed Show to compete against other rabbits of the same breed. The pet show will be judged on exhibitor knowledge, condition of the rabbit, and basic showmanship techniques. All pet rabbits MUST be permanently tattooed in the left ear. Tattooing for Pet Rabbit and Breeding Rabbit will be held July 14 from 10:00-11:00 AM. NOTE: Pet rabbit projects are NOT eligible to show in any other class including regular showmanship.

9. Dress Code for the Show: Accepted dress for the rabbit show will consist of the following: a long sleeved shirt or lab coat in the color of light blue or white, and long pants. No shorts or open-toed shoes.

10. ONLY pine shavings (NO cedar shavings/ sawdust) and/or wheat straw will be accepted as bedding for all rabbit projects during the fair. This is to protect the health of your animal.

11. No locks on cages: In case of an emergency, the vet must have access to your animal(s).

12. All cages must have wire bottoms unless written approval is given by the rabbit committee. A limited number of wire bottoms will be available if you cannot provide your own.

13. All pens MUST be cleaned by 10 AM each morning and as needed during the day. If an exhibitor’s pen is found to be unacceptable (i.e., soiled bedding, no food, no water or dirty water), an advisor of the club will be notified and a limit of 2 hours will be given to take corrective action and be compliant. A notification will also be placed on the pen. First warning will be reported to your advisor. Second warning will result in not being able to sell, if a market pen. Third warning will be a one year suspension from exhibiting the project in question. All pens must be cleaned by 10am each morning and as needed throughout the day. Warnings are not to be removed by the exhibitor. Rabbit committee will remove the warning card when the pen meets the acceptable criteria.

14. Rabbit Costume Class- All rabbit exhibitors are welcome to participate. Exhibitors must also be participating in a Market, Breeding, or Pet Rabbit project. There will be two contests that may be entered. Best Coordinating Costume class includes participation from both the rabbit and exhibitor. Each must be in costume. Best Rabbit Costume class involves participation of the rabbit only. You must not dress the animal in a costume that could cause physical harm to the animal. Classes may be judged on originality/creativity, quality of costume(s), theme, humor, and/or overall presentation.

15. Bred By Exhibitor Award- Must bring breeding doe along with her fryers to tattooing, but the breeding doe does not have to be brought to the fair.

16. All market exhibitors are responsible for food and water dishes available to their projects until they are picked up for slaughter or taken home.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to our office at 330-674-3015