yellow leaves with black points.

Asked March 12, 2018, 2:59 PM EDT

I planted a new gardenia shrub (about 5 feet tall). I acidified the soil and added gardenia fertilizer about three months later. The leaves have begun to turn yellow and the points of some of the leaves turn black around 2 months later. My gardener told me it might be too much water, and he noticed mealy bugs. I shut off any sprinkler water to the plant and had it professionally treated for mealy bug ( problem verified by the exterminating company). Still 2 months later the problem persists. What else should I do? I live in Miami Beach FL.

Miami-Dade County Florida

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Hi, could you send me some photos of the gardenia plant along with answers to the following the questions?

What are the three numbers on the gardenia fertilizer bag showing the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium?

Did you only apply it once and how much did you apply?

Are you watering your plant with well water, and if yes, have you had it tested for it's salt content?

If you could send the answers to these questions, along with a photo or 2 to my email at, I would love to help you further!