Killing of stink bugs/elder bugs I have them all over I have used soap lots of soap

Asked March 11, 2018, 6:45 PM EDT

I need them gone killed lady bugs too. I have them everywhere. Please help is there a bird that will eat them. What about bats. What can I do you guys suppose to know everything about this. I know it it’s a nuisance but by golly there has to be something. Thanks Viv

Columbia County Oregon

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Thanks for your question about insect control, Viv. Before you start a war on them, it's important to know exactly which insects you're talking about. Under any circumstance, don't kill lady bugs (really lady beetles.) They eat other "bad" insects. It would be helpful if you could take a picture of what is aggravating you. I've attached pictures of (1) a stink bug, (2) a marmorated stink bug and (3) a lady bug. Stink bugs have been with us for some time, and they just come indoors for the winter. Sealing entrances into your home will help keep them out. Marmorated stink bugs are a new invasive species in Oregon, and we don't yet have a reliable way to control them. Lady bugs (beetles) are probably not out yet, but we need as many of them as possible.

Once you have identified the target insect, write back and I'll do what I can to help provide some solutions.