Stink Bugs

Asked March 11, 2018, 3:57 PM EDT

I have lived Lexington for the past 10 years, and have never had a problem here, or anywhere in the U. S. or overseas. During the past 10 months, Stink Bugs have been invading my house. The smell is horrible. Every day during the warm months, several can be found on the floor, sinks, walls. Even during this very cold weather, I find a few every week. I made the mistake of squashing the first one, but now trap them with an upside down clear plastic cup and a piece of cardboard and flush down the toilet.

Is there any way to rid these stinkers from my house?

Thank you,

Ann Spanier

Fayette County Kentucky

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Stink bugs in the home are considered an accidental invader. They are merely looking for either a warm place to stay or some good food to fill their bellies. ENT-FACT 641, How to Pest-Proof Your Home, , is full of wonderful ideas and ways to seal your house up from these critters. This publication points out places to check that most of us never even think of. As you have well learned, don't squish them when you see them, either scoop them up and flush them (as you do) or use a vacuum to get rid of them. With a little work and persistence you can get control of these pesky bugs in your home. Please do not hesitate to call us at the Fayette Extension Office at (859) 257-55852 if you have any more questions or concerns. Thanks!

Thanks for your response. I am already doing what you suggest to rid the house of these pests and am interested in a more aggressive solution. Are there other ways to stop these invaders? I am afraid that unless something drastic is done, we will all be overrun.

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The best long-term control is the approach you are already taking as suggested in the pest-proofing publication. Insecticides in the home are not recommended, however treating the outside walls can be a possibility. The issues with that approach are going to be timing and frequency. Most treatments need to be done in late summer or early fall as the pests are beginning to try and get in. Spring is when they will be wanting to get out of the house and not in. As for the frequency part, most insecticides are only effective for so long before reapplication is necessary. This can cause the cost of the treatment to continue to go up. Calling a certified exterminator would be your next step if you wish to take that approach, but it is an approach I am hesitant to recommend due to the previously stated issues. While I do not know what type of stink bug you have in your home, I could take my guess that it is possibly the Brown Marmorated stink bug. Michigan State has a wonderful publication on them, . The information in this could be applied to most any stink bug though. If you would like to have a positive identification done, you can bring in one of the insects to the Fayette Extension Office during business hours. Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30. I hope this information is helpful in someway and don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

Thanks you very much for your detailed reply. For Identification, I will bring a sample to you the next time one of the bugs comes calling!