Disposing of soil from spider mite infested plants

Asked March 9, 2018, 12:24 PM EST

I grow vegetables inside in winter.Right now I am dealing with a spider mite infestation.Is it alright to dump the container soil from infested plants on the outdoor raised bed gardens.It is still in the teens at night some and the hope is if the soil is spread thin ,the eggs and mites will get snowed on and freeze.I don't think mites have ever been a problem for the outdoor garden but the infestation started with a ginger plant that was brought inside last fall.Thanks for your help.
Jon V

Natrona County Wyoming

1 Response

You should be fine in dumping the spider mites outdoors at this time of year. I would be sure to water that raised bed well as the summer starts as spider mites prefer a dry or droughty situation to thrive in.

When you start your seedlings over again, try to create a bit more humidity and keep the plants a bit more moist so the spider mites can't thrive in that situation again.