Problem with Cactus schlumbergera

Asked March 9, 2018, 11:36 AM EST

I noticed that the ends of my cactus became red, but the following week almost all the cactus is red, I water once a week or when the earth is dry, for example this week I will not water it because the substrate is not totally dry, so please how can i cure my cactus?

Frederick County Maryland houseplants abiotic issues reddened limp leave on christmas cactus

1 Response

Has the plant's light changed significantly recently?
Too much sunlight can cause reddening of Schlumbergera leaves. They like bright light, but should be protected from full sun (they are jungle plants) and overheating.
Water could be another issue. They should not be allowed to dry out completely, but kept moist, except for a brief period at the end of flowering when the top half inch of soil can be allowed to dry out.
Conversely, they should never sit in water, which can cause root rot. You might want to remove the foil wrap and put the plant on a saucer so you can see if there is excess water pooling in the base, and pour it off if need be.