A home for a very large planter

Asked March 8, 2018, 7:21 PM EST

I purchased this large wicker type planter. I put separate pots in the planter and they did not do well. I am trying to figure out where I should put it and secondly, what should I plant in it. I thought this would be the answer, but I am not so sure. I could be all annuals, could be shade or sun,. I purchased it thinking I would not have to bend over to plant things. It was expensive , so need to find a way to make it attractive but not take a fortune to plant it. It is on legs and it does have a drain system in it. Thanks very much.

Washington County Minnesota

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The planter itself will not affect plant growth, especially since it allows for good drainage. The same is true for any pots and containers you may put in it.

Important factors to consider are the quality and characteristics of the potting soil, watering practices, fertilizer amounts and frequency of application, sun exposure and the kinds of plants growing in the planter or containers.

The most attractive decorative container gardens usually hold several kinds of plants of suitable size with harmonious colors that have similar light and water requirements and are properly arranged to display their characteristics.

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