Leopard slug

Asked March 8, 2018, 1:45 PM EST

Hello! I have leopard slugs in my tropical greenhouse, the large ones easily identified. I have innumerable smaller slugs that could be juvenile leopard slugs or perhaps a different species. I have slug damage on some plants. My question is: should I eradicate the leopard slugs or not? Websites say conflicting things. Some sites say they are helpful and eat bad slugs while other sites say they are themselves a serious threat to plants. Help!!! Thank you!

Marion County Oregon

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I think the best resource for you is in the "Slug Portal" through the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences. You'll find a lot of resources for identification, behavior as well as management and contacts for more information. The website address is below. Please feel free to contact me directly with further questions.


I'm afraid this resource doesn't aswerer the question: Are Limax maximus (leopard or spotted slugs) on the balance good or bad in a greenhouse? DO they eat other slugs more or do they eat my plants more? Should I eradicate them or not?

The resource below from the Oregon Department of Agriculture points out more about the characteristics of this slug. It suggests the diet of this slug is primarily fungus. On the other hand It also points out that they are not a native slug, which might almost by definition make them undesirable and candidates for control.


Thank you!