geraniums in the grass

Asked March 8, 2018, 12:18 PM EST

We have about 1.5 acres of lawn/grass which is being invaded by what I call a 'ground geranium' - geranium-like leaves with reddish stems. I've tried Cross Bow and Weed Master. If these are doing any good it's not evident. I really can't/don't want to use glyphosate because the geranium thing is embedded in the grass in many places and I don't want to kill the grass unless it's absolutely necessary. Perhaps the two herbicides I've tried will work with a different application technique? (I've been spraying lightly - just barely wetting the leaves.) Whatever you can suggest to get rid of this stuff will be much appreciated since at the current rate our grass/lawn will be replaced by the geranium weed in five or six years..

Linn County Oregon

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Sounds like you have Carolina geranium. I have attached a photo and web link for confirmation...

The recommended herbicides are...
Tenacity and Echelon

After you apply the herbicides be sure to inter-seed, and fertilize your lawn. The next link is on lawn maintenance, which will include these cultural practices...

Alec, thank you for the info. I'd say you nailed it re the ID. But the price of the two herbicides stopped me in my tracks. Here are follow-up questions.
Once opened how long will either of those products remain effective - 1 year? 5 years? forever?
Does echelon come in smaller quantities than a gallon?
Given what you understand of my circumstances would the 8 oz quantity (of tenacity) do the job?
I really appreciate your help.
Regards, Bill

Residual for Tenacity is 18 months
Residual for Echelon is 3 months
Regarding the Tenacity, I would check the label, but I know the application rate is very low


Alec - I can't tell from your answer if you are answering my question. "Residual" suggest you are referring to the time product is active after application.
My concern is "for how long after opening the container is the product remaining in the container going to be potent?" Because, naturally I don't want to pay a bundle for a container of the stuff, use a very small amount, and then find that the rest has gone bad in a few months after opening.


Thanks for reaching back out. The shelf life of the pesticide is based upon the companies recommendations and should be listed on the label. Here is some additional information and as the label is the law that is what we can share with you.