Compacted sandy soil

Asked March 8, 2018, 11:33 AM EST

How to loosen 1,000sq.ft.,of the above soil?

Orange County California

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There is not sufficient information to provide a best answer to this question.
To what use will this area be put? Will it grow lawn or garden or some type of landscaping? How deeply is this soil compacted and to what density? If there is only surface compaction (surface 4-5 inches), rototilling could be be used to loosen that.. If the compaction is deeper and the soil is strongly compacted, rototilling will not be sufficient. If field equipment is available and and there is access to this area, a ripper shank could be used to loosen the compaction. These would be run 12 to 16 inches deep in operations run at 90 degrees. Avoid any buried water or septic lines If you can provide more information. I can provide additional information.