Caterpillar worms in my STORE bought strawberries

Asked March 7, 2018, 10:31 PM EST

What are those caterpillar like worms in my strawberries?
Little back story: got them out of the fridge and bit into one. Seen the creepy worms and spit my piece of strawberry out. Went and cut all strawberries apart and there were TONS of worms in my strawberries.
Am I going to get a parasite from eating a strawberry with a worm in it?

Louisa County Iowa

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Hello! Good question!

The little worms you are referring to are most likely Spotted Wing Drosophila. They effect soft fruits like berries. Research indicates there is no health risk involved with ingesting them. We have probably all eaten some at some point in our lives. If you see them I recommend you do not eat them however.