Leyland Cypress growing too tall

Asked March 7, 2018, 3:05 PM EST

I have a row of leyland cypress (about 10 trees) along my yard facing the road as a screen, however, they are 20 feet tall and cast a long shadow so that lawn close to them is completely dead and start to grow moss. Is tree topping a good idea? or is it better to get rid of them completely?

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

We do not recommend planting leyland cypress. There are several insect (bagworms) and disease issues (seridium canker) that can impact Leyland Cypress when stressed due to poor site conditions, drought, poorly drained soils, etc. They are not that winter hardy here during cold winters and can grow to about 60-70 feet high.
Do not top the trees. Rots are more of an issue in topped trees. We recommend removal and plant trees that are suited to the site sun versus shade and look at mature height and width. Plant a diverse selection of plants in order to avoid the problems associated with using only one species of tree.