Maple Syrup help

Asked March 7, 2018, 1:41 PM EST

This was our 1st. Time doing maple syrup. We have 9 pints. And all the jars ended up with sediment in the bottom. Can we open all the jars filter them reboil the syrup and re jar it. Or will that destroy the syrup. Please help Linda Boucher

Brown County Wisconsin

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The sediment is normal. It is called nider or sugar sand. You can either filter it before you bottle or you can let it settle and pour the syrup off the top and re-heat and rebottle. It may darken slightly. There are simple felt-type filters available or for larger production, folks use filter presses.

Thank you for answering my question.
Just to make sure I do this right. I'm going to open my sealed jars pour the syrup out to refiter it , bring it back to a 218 degree temp pot it back into clean jars and seal. And this should take care of my sediment problem.

That is correct. For a small amount, you could use cheese cloth. Different folks have tried different make-shift filters. It just takes something course enough to allow the syrup to flow through. Then reheat to 218 and bottle it.