Benton County Ag info

Asked March 7, 2018, 12:17 PM EST

Do you have information on the most successful farms/forests in Benton County based on revenue? Also, is there a report on new trends in Ag in Benton County, new crops, and how many farms are planting them?

Benton County Oregon agriculture

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The USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service data is used to track the number of farms in Benton County, gross revenue, production and other data. The current agricultural census is data from 2012, though new data was collected in 2017 and should be available soon. The Oregon Department of Agriculture may also have some statistics that will be of use to you.

Hazelnuts orchards have been planted in significant acreages the last few years. Jeff Choate with OSU Extension states that over 6000 acres have been planted in the Willamette Valley in the last 5 years. For more details see his brief article in