Planting a tall living fence of trees

Asked March 7, 2018, 10:56 AM EST

We would like to plant an evergreen "fencing" at the top of our hill. When would be the best time to plant and how should I condition the soil and root hole. We are considering Leyland Fir trees. We live in northern Baltimore County and have acidic soil

Baltimore County Maryland plant selection evergreen

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It is important to match the plants to the site - sun or shade and mature height and width, are deer an issue, etc. You should consider a mix of tree species so you do not lose the whole stand to an insect or disease issue. You can plant as soon as you can work the soil and the plants are available in the nursery. Here is our website on planting trees and shrubs

We do not recommend planting leyland cypress. There are several insect (bagworms) and disease issues (seridium canker) that can impact Leyland Cypress when stressed due to poor site conditions, drought, poorly drained soils, etc. They are not that winter hardy here during cold winters and can grow to about 60-70 feet high.

Some possibilities include arborvitae species, a mix of upright hollies, or Magnolia (Little Gem).