Nuggets found on inside of evergreen/coniferous tree bark

Asked March 6, 2018, 2:00 PM EST

I was in Highlands, North Carolina climbing this big evergreen tree and found these yellow-white spherical nuggets on the inside of the bark higher up on the tree ranging in size about the diameter of a dime. I thought they were seeds at first but then I thought the seeds were found inside the cones. Do you know what these are?

Macon County North Carolina

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There are a lot of fungus's that grow on tree bark that may look like gold nuggets. Many of these form mushrooms or konks and grow on the bark.

Well these were actually on the inside of little bumps in the bark, I kind of dug them out. They had the texture of the inside of a peanut.

I am not sure what they may have been. Do you know what species of tree this was on?

I am not too sure, it was a very big coniferous tree. I do not know what type though. I wish I had pictures but I actually tried planting these nut-type things. They smelled loke pine.

Good Morning,

I know there are a lot of species of gall that can affect many different types of trees and plants. Some if them do have a hard nut-like consistency sometimes. That's probably my best guess without pictures. If you still have the samples, you can always take them by the Extension Center there in Macon County. Their number is (828) 349-2046.