Finding a mulberry plant for Minnesota

Asked March 6, 2018, 12:06 PM EST

Hi, We currently live in a house in Bloomington that has a mulberry tree/bush in the back yard that my children love. We're moving to a house in Apple Valley where there won't be one, and I'd like to remedy that. Do you have suggestions where I might be able to find one so that we could get it going at our new house while my kids are still young? Thanks! TW

Dakota County Minnesota

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Ordering a bare-root plant from an Internet source is probably the simplest and perhaps least expensive way to accomplish your purpose.

Information at this website (scroll to Mulberry - Morus spp.) will inform your choice:

You may be able to use this tool to find a source:

Most local garden centers do not sell mulberry trees, except weeping, ornamental varieties that are usually fruitless.