Asked March 5, 2018, 10:34 PM EST

We want to have a big garden and a lot bellied pig but have a billion holes from voles. I am looking for how to drive the voles out so I can fix the ground and prepare for the garden? Do you know how to get rid of voles?

Polk County Oregon

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Voles like gardens because they provide a lot for them to eat. In my experience, they especially like carrots, beets, and parsley roots. But they will also eat roots of any other plant that strikes their fancy. The most surefire way of reducing vole populations is to trap them with regular mouse traps. Be aggressive, use a lot of traps. A hungry cat will also help reduce the population. Remove any overgrown areas where they are protected. Since they feed on roots, if the ground is rototilled, there will not be anything for them to eat. If you are building raised beds, live the bottom with 1/4" mesh galvanized hardware cloth. This will keep voles from tunnelling in from the bottom. However, just like mice, they are good climbers. They will climb the outside of your raised bed structure to reach your vegetables. Here is a link to an OSU Extension publication Meadow Voles and Pocket Gophers that contains detailed information about vole life cycle and control methods. Good luck with the vole project.