planting thyme in a walkway

Asked March 4, 2018, 1:23 PM EST

I am planning to put a walkway in my back yard this year. I am going to use concrete square steppers which I am going set in sand. I want to put creeping thyme around them and want to plant it from seeds. I had read that thyme likes some sand but I have heard that about other plants and it has turned out to be wrong. I had planned to set the stones then mix soil, sand, and seeds and press it between them. Will that work? They will be sitting on sand like the stones are so I don't know if that will feed them. How much space should I put between the stones so the thyme will get enough light? Thank you, Shannon Carranza

Jefferson County Colorado

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Dear Shannon, Your planting technique sounds fine just be sure to water lightly daily to ensure the seeds germinate. Leave around 2 inches of space between each stepping stone for the plants to thrive.