Invasive vine

Asked March 4, 2018, 8:47 AM EST

Can you tell me what kind of vine this is? Just bought the home and want to get rid of it any tips? Thank you Angie

Antrim County Michigan

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I will need a closeup picture of the vine with buds, and showing some branches, and any pictures of the dried leaves or fruits if they are still attached. Include a closeup of how the vine is climbing up— is it twining around or does it have little roots that cling? This could be poison ivy so don’t touch it.

If more pictures aren’t available, then this looks most like wild grapevine, or possibly a garden variety grape that has been let go. Some other possibilities are poison ivy, bur cucumber, trumpet creeper or Virginia creeper. I am attaching articles for these so you may compare them to what you have, if you would like.

If it is still a mystery plant, allow it to sprout leaves ( and flowers if they bloom early) this spring and send me a picture. Also, MSU has a plant I.D. Service to which you can send samples.

Again, CAUTION- This could be poison ivy. Do not let the plant touch bare skin or your clothing until you are sure it is something else. Even when poison ivy is dead or dormant it can cause a rash. Please see these articles—-



Bur cucumber-

Trumpet vine/creeper-

Virginia creeper-

The MSU Plant lab website has info on submitting samples should you decide to do that—-

I hope this isn’t poison ivy! Thank you for using our service.