Best soil for Pinto seeds

Asked March 4, 2018, 12:24 AM EST

Hi, I want to transfer the sprouted pinto seeds into a pot.I would like to know what will be the best soil and fertilizer that can be used for pinto seeds? Thanks

Dallas County Texas

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Hello, This is what I found for Pinto Beans.

Soil Preferences

Deep, well drained, fertile sandy loam. Avoid clay loams unless well drained.

Optimum Growing Conditions

Day temperatures 80-90°F and night temperature above 65°F, use windbreaks.

Establishment Methods Planting Method
Direct seeded
Optimum Time
4-6 weeks after last average frost date or seed zone soil temperatures above 60°F
Seeding rate
60-80 lbs/acre (70,000-90,000 plants/acre)
Approx seed/oz
Seeding depth
Sandy loams - 2-2.5" Loamy sands - 2.5-3" Clay loams - 1-1.5"
Seedling spacing
2 rows on 40" wide bed 3-5 plants/row ft.

Fertile soils produce highest yields and highest quality pinto beans. Beans grown on soils that contain low to medium levels of nitrogen and/or phosphorus respond to fertilization. Excessive soil nitrogen causes succulent vine growth, delays maturity, and favors disease. Excessive soil phosphorus interferes with uptake of ...
Hope this helps, Good Luck.

Thanks a lot for all the great information.Very much appreciate it.

You are welcome. We have lots of information on vegetable gardening if you need more help. Check out the vegetable garden resources.