Rhododendrons Beyond Rescue?

Asked March 3, 2018, 5:50 PM EST

This rhody and one other (80' distant-problem just starting) I thought are suffering from heat stress (started last summer), but camelia and other rhodies close by seem to be fine. All are probably 30 years or so old. All planted under mature maple trees. All seem to get similar water and food. I have watered them the last two years when they asked for water. The two suffering are exposed to more sun/heat. There are photinias very nearby that have continuously severe black spotted leaves and will be taken out shortly. I would like to give them all the help I can, if it is not too late. Would also like to know the issue so I can avoid damage to others and any new plantings.

Washington County Oregon

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This plant doesn’t look good, you’re right. The leaves don’t show a serious pest problem. Which makes me consider a root problem. Has anything changed wuth the soil? Like construction damaging roots, or changes in drainage? Maybe a leaking irrigation tube? Sometimes the diagnosis comes when removing a dead plant, so checking the roots if you remove this plant is a good idea.