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Asked March 3, 2018, 2:35 PM EST

Hi, I am new to this area, having moved from Wisconsin. I am planning a large vegetable garden and wondered about normal last frost dates. So many seeds go by that date. (I am also new to vegetable gardening!) I live near the Rowena Overlook above Mosier, between The Dalles and Hood River. thanks.

Wasco County Oregon horticulture

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Hi there,

Welcome to Wasco County! A general last frost date for this area would mid-April to mid-May, but it’s important to note that we have a wide swing in possibilities to because there are many micro-climates in this area. Here are a couple of the main considerations:

· Altitude: If you are near the crest, that means you are likely at a little bit of elevation, which can push back frost dates a little bit. Because of what I assume to be your elevation, I would push that date towards early May.

· North- or south-facing slopes: If your property is north-facing, and gets a lot of shade from the hillside, this can also push back frost dates. Those slopes can create a little bit of an ice shadow.

Here is a link to our “Growing Your Own” publication, which can get you started with your vegetable garden:

If you have any more questions, you can give us a call or come visit us at the Extension office in The Dalles!

Thank you! My vege starts are doing great and I think I had used May 1 as a guess date. I am very excited to see how the season goes and if I get real produce. I am confident some will work well, and some will not. Trying lots of things.