forage testing

Asked March 1, 2018, 6:58 PM EST

1. Where can I get my forage(irrigated orchard grass) analyzed? Other than protein, which constituents should I look at and why? I'm feeding a flock of Clun Forest wool sheep in Dallas Or. 2. Is there a good resource to find a qualified person to shear my flock of 50 sheep? Thank you!

Polk County Oregon

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DairyOne in New York is a lab used by many producers. On their web site you can see a list of lab services. For grass hay samples, I suggest going the wet chemistry route. Their basic test includes protein, energy, fiber and digestibility (I think it is test 09). You can also opt for these plus minerals.

The Extension Office in Dallas should have a hay corer to check out and use to take the sample. Coring at least 15-20 bales would provide a good random sample.

The Oregon sheep growers association web page used to list shearers. I would check that web site as a starting point.