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Asked March 1, 2018, 2:09 PM EST

Hello, I am an OSU Alum - Class of 99. naturally - I thought of you all as a starting space. I am based in Oregon but, originally from Liberia, West Africa. I have some family land that I would like to use for a children farm to harness eggs. Eggs are being imported into the country. Have access to lots of folks who are unemployed and this could be a start to a family agriculture business. Woudl love some advice - I've been reading and it all seems relatively simple.

Outside United States

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I am assuming the farm is in Liberia.

You will need access to commercial chicken strains that are selected to perform well in the region. Temperature and Humidity can impact productivity if the birds are no selected to produced under those conditions.. You will also need access to adequate feed ingredients (a variety of grains and protein sources such as soybean or fishmeal and/or properly formulated mixed feeds. Chickens will not thrive without access to good feed and fresh clean water. .