Digging in my lawn

Asked March 1, 2018, 10:35 AM EST

Part of my lawn has many divots in it. They seem to be from squirrels digging up nuts, but last year I had an infestation of grubs that destroyed my lawn. I did two applications of GrubEx last year, but nothing yet this winter/spring. Based on these pictures? Does it appear to be squirrels digging nuts or birds digging up grubs? If squirrels, is there something I can do to prevent the damage? What can I do to repair it? Thanks! Travis

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

This is definitely not grub related. It is too early in the season. They are deeper in the soil profile and not active right now.
We can't tell from your photo what size your holes are.
It may be animals feeding on buried nuts, or earth worms, which are closer to the surface, especially after the rain we have had. If it was the growing season when the turf is thicker, you likely wouldn't notice these happenings.