What kind of plant (fungi egg?) is this?

Asked February 28, 2018, 3:59 PM EST

I live in Emmitsburg and found this nearby growing out of the leaf litter on the AT. I’ve spent a lot of time online looking but no luck. Thanks, Mark

PS: I think it may be Calostoma lutescens (see attached screen capture and my photo from the AT).

Frederick County Maryland

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What a beautiful fungus you've found there! We do not have a mushroom expert in house, but in checking our reference materials, we think this is a type of lattice puffball or the yellow-stalked puffball (Calostoma lutescens), as you determined. They are known to be found in association with oak trees in the Appalachian area.


Thank you very much! I had a great time looking online! What a variety of beautiful fungi on this ol’ planet!
thanks again,