Peace Lily leaf tips turning brown

Asked February 27, 2018, 3:03 PM EST

Good afternoon, Recently the tips of leaves on my peace lily have been turning brown. The plant was in a south facing window and watered when the leaves started to droop and the soil was dry. The photo ending in 403 was taken in December 2017. Photo ending in 343 is a close up of 403. Photo ending in 159 was taken the first week of February 2018. Since the February photo most of the old leaves have died and new leaves have been coming up but the tips are also turning brown while they are still small and the leaves seem to be a lighter green that usual. This weekend I moved it to a bathroom with a south facing window and more humidity from showering to see if added humidity helps. My next step is to put it in a dark room with no windows for a while because I don't know anymore. Any recommendations on how to help this plant survive? Also how do I judge a location for low, medium, or high light level when deciding where to place a plant? Thank you, Kim

St. Mary's County Maryland

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The browning can be due to overwatering, poor drainage, etc. Remove the affected leaves. The plant may need repotting. Knock the plant from the pot and look at the roots. Make sure they are not black and mushy. Trim them off. Repot into the container and make sure it has holes for good drainage. Focus on proper care. Do not overwater.
Peace Lilies are sensitive to chlorine in the water, so in metropolitan areas where it may be heavily chlorinated, it's best to allow the water to sit overnight to allow the chlorine to dissipate before watering the plants.
Peace lilies like medium light but will tolerate low interior light. Do not place in direct sun as it will burn the leaves. Here is our website on light and houseplants
See the attached link from Clemson on care