Possible American Foul Brood in backyard behave.

Asked February 26, 2018, 1:26 PM EST

Hi, I have two backyard beehives. One recently died and when I disassembled it I suspect American Foul Brood. I have attached a picture. In addition I performed the toothpick test and while some cells just produced black pupa others produced the "ropey" goo associated with AFB.

Clackamas County Oregon

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If possible please use AFB diagnostic test kit to confirm the disease. Here is information link to the test kit: https://www.vita-europe.com/beehealth/products/afb-diagnostic-test-kit/

You can purchase this kit from a beekeeping supplies store near you and follow the instructions on the kit. Alternatively, you can bring or ship couple of frames with good clinical symptoms to our lab (Oregon State University Honey Bee Lab) for diagnosis. Please isolate and keep the equipment pertaining to this suspected hive away from foraging bees to avoid potential spread of this disease to other healthy hives. Once positively confirmed please burn the frames and carefully scorch (with flame) the hive bodies to get rid of the resilient bacterial spores.