Trying to get rid of moss in a lawn and need to find out soil pH

Asked February 25, 2018, 4:01 PM EST

I am having trouble getting grass to grow on a hill on my lawn. However, I have an overabundance of moss in the same space. How can I send in a sample of my soil to the cooperative extension so that they can test it for me? I am trying to get rid of moss on my lawn and i need to find out what my soil pH is and whether or not my soil contains the necessary nutrients for growing a healthy lawn. I'm trying to determine if my issue is low soil pH & lack of nutrients or if it's a shade issue.

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Good plan. Our soil testing page will tell you how to collect the sample, what to test for, and where to send it: (You can always just search 'soil testing.')

Here is our moss page, in case it helps with more ideas: