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Asked February 24, 2018, 5:04 PM EST

I wanted to know what there is a market for as in crops or animals like sheep/ goats etc. I am by myself:)!

Geauga County Ohio

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This is one of the more popular questions that we recieve and thank you for using the Ask an Expert line.

Depending on your acreage Sheep and goats are a good fit for small farms. The problem is that there is a limited market for both. If you can find a nich market and sell your livestock to individual consumers it will work, You advertise custom butchered lamb or goats. You handle the processing through a License processor and deliver to the customer. There are always people looking for meat that is farm raised locally. With sheep there is the wool market but the demand and price is not great.

Probably the easiest animal to raise is chickens for egg production. You can raise up to 500 birds on your farm and sell the eggs. The flock needs to be register with the Ohio Dept. of Ag.

As for crops all types of fruits and vegetables are produced in Geauga County. It is hard work but you can market at the roadside and at farmers markets.

Before you start you need to evaluate your resources such as working capital, land availability and the amount of labor required. When you are by yourself this puts limits on what you can raise and how much you can raise. For more information call your local OSU Extension Office