Poultry sales

Asked February 24, 2018, 4:28 PM EST

We have a good sized property and are considering raising turkeys for (our) food but I am curious to know if it's legal for me to sell my full grown turkey (if we have too many) and if it is (legal) do they need to be sold live or frozen? If I wanted to sell young turkeys in the spring do I need permits for that?

Isabella County Michigan

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Good morning - I am assuming you are talking about commercial white turkeys and not wile turkeys. You can see an adult turkey with no concerns live; if you are talking about a processed turkey, I would encourage you to get them processed at a USDA facility. Unless you are talking several hundreds of turkeys, you would not need a permit per se. You can always contact Jeannine Schweihofer with MSU Extension (810-989-6935) and she should be able to answer additional questions related to the processing aspect.