Aronia branches turning green

Asked February 24, 2018, 3:59 PM EST

Hello, I have 4 Aronia melanocarpas growing on the south side of the house, they were planted there last Spring. A month or so ago, some of the branches have turned green, kind of like a fungus is slowly growing up on them (see photos). I was under the impression that aronias were very resistant to diseases. Any recommendation on how to treat this and return the aronias back to healthy states? Thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland

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In general, aronia grows best in full sun in a well drained soil. Looks like the shrub is located near a wall possibly in a shaded, wet spot. This may not be the best growing conditions. It looks like there is algae on the stems but we cannot say for sure.
Wait for new growth this spring and monitor for any additional signs and symptoms. You may need to improve growing conditions in this area.


Thanks for the reply. Before planting, I broke up the soil and mixed in organic matter to a depth of around 10 inches, and covered the ground with about 3 inches of mulch after planting. The south side of the house where the aronias are planted receives the most sun, ~8-10 hours each day. If it is algae, what is a good way to deal with it? If I need to improve growing conditions, how would you recommend doing this? Thanks.

Leave it alone at this time. Summer temperatures and sunlight may be all it needs.

Don't use overhead watering. Keep mulch only 1-2" deep and away from plant base.